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Blue Whales Capsize Boat Off San Diego Coast [VIDEO]

Two boaters had a close encounter with a pair of blue whales on Wednesday off the San Diego coast.

Captain Ceci Sayer and wildlife photographer Dale Frinks were flung into the ocean when a pair of blue whales overturned their 23-foot boat.

“It was just total shock and surprise to turn around and see that whale right behind me,” Sayer told

Luckily, no one was injured, but the boat took a pretty substantial beating.

At the moment of impact, Frinks managed to capture some incredible GoPro footage and one incredible photo. The picture below shows the enormous size of one of the whale’s mouths as it breached the surface. In the foreground you can see Capt. Sayer’s hair.

Photo: Dale Frink
Photo: Dale Frink

When asked by a reporter about the size of the whale’s mouth, Frinks pointed to a nearby vehicle and said, “We could have … Feels like we could have fit that truck over there inside of it.”

Here’s the incredible footage of the encounter and more of the story from

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Blue Whales Capsize Boat Off San Diego Coast [VIDEO]