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Blue Whale Wrapped up in Fishing Line Spotted off California Coast [VIDEO]

A blue whale has been sighted trailing hundreds of feet of fishing line, threatening to drown it. Rescue operations are underway but it’s tricky. 

Off the California coast, near Palos Verdes just south of Los Angeles, a boat spotted a large blue whale swimming a little oddly.

Upon closer inspection by the passengers on the boat, it was discovered that this whale had hundreds of feet of fishing line trailing behind it, wrapped around its tail.

A disentanglement team from NOAA arrived to help the whale but were unable to provide any real assistance. Instead, they attached a red buoy to the line to make it easier to spot the whale when it gets closer to the surface.

Currently, the entangled blue whale is in Mexican waters and NOAA is unable to do anything about it unless it swims back into American waters. They have contacted their Mexican counterparts, but there has been no word if they will attempt to help.

This blue whale is over 80 feet long and still swimming fairly strong. However, if this line isn’t removed, it will eventually wear the whale down to the point that it will drown.

There is a danger in dealing with an animal of this size. Other whales have been freed before from fishing nets and lines, but this would be a first for a blue whale. One wrong move could capsize a boat fairly easily.

Here’s hoping for the best.

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Blue Whale Wrapped up in Fishing Line Spotted off California Coast [VIDEO]