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Blue Whale Watching off California Offers Incredible Perspective

Check out the amazing view from above during a blue whale watching tour near Dana Point.

The Dana Wharf Whale Watch Company has been hosting whale watching tours since 1971 and they certainly do it right.

This great video offers an amazing perspective above these majestic creatures and shows the incredible size of the largest living animals on earth.

Whale watching tours from Cape Cod, Maine to the California coast offer some of the most spectacular views of the earth’s largest creatures ever seen. With the onset of drone technology, the sights have become even more amazing.

Some will say, though, that drones hovering over these mammoth and docile animals are the harbinger of death and should be eliminated. While steps should be taken to make sure that these creatures have a life unfettered by humans, drone technology is becoming more and more quiet and is capable of taken these great views without bothering the whales.



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Blue Whale Watching off California Offers Incredible Perspective