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Blue Whale Spotted in English Waters [PICS]

Photos via The Guardian

A rare blue whale species that was thought to be almost extinct may be making a comeback, and the first one was spotted in English waters.

The blue whale is the largest mammal in the world and was hunted nearly extinction in the 20th century. The new sighting of the whale may be a sign of its mending population, “The Guardian” newspaper reported.

On August 24, the RRS James Cook, filled with scientists, was making its normal rounds studying the seabed and marine life of the underwater Whittard Canyon off the coast of England.

blue whale1

Russell Wynn, a senior research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, was performing his daily survey when the extraordinary whale surfaced. The whale lingered for a moment or two and then vanished back down into the vast ocean. Wynn was able to snap a few photographs, which were used to identify the whale.

The scientists on board the RRS James Cook were filled with excitement as they watched the whale, but they later realized how rare the sight really was. They think that these photographs are the first ever to be taken of a blue whale in English waters.

On the same day, the team found and recorded many other species that are rarely seen in English waters.

The scientists hope the sight of the blue whale is a sign of a recovering population.

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Blue Whale Spotted in English Waters [PICS]