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Blue Whale Breaches at the Perfect Comedic Time for This BBC Presenter [VIDEO]

Watch what happens a moment after this zoologist on a boat searching for blue whales says, “We know they’re out there, but you just jolly well can’t find them”!

Famous zoologist Mark Cawardine, who has worked with British comedy greats Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams in bringing wildlife to the world, had been filming an interview for a BBC wildlife documentary in the Sea of Cortez.

The boat he was on had been scouting for the largest living animal species in the world – the blue whale.

The water was choppy with lots of white caps, making it hard for observers to spot the “blow,” or exhaled breath of the whales.

But it turned out that these oceanic mammals have excellent comedic timing, which had Mr. Cawardine and his crew in stitches!

As these enormous mammals are usually solitary and rarely make their presence known while at the surface, it is often difficult to locate them.

When they dive, they can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes, and have been known to descend to depths of 500 meters.

The Sea of Cortez is a popular spot for whale watching, as it is frequented by at least six species of whale, including the much more noticeable humpback whale, which often launches itself out of the water in spectacular acrobatic displays.

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Blue Whale Breaches at the Perfect Comedic Time for This BBC Presenter [VIDEO]