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Blue Whale Interrupts BBC Interview, Host Has Kittens [VIDEO]

A blue whale sighting causes BBC One host Steve Backshall to become extremely excited!

Interviewer Steve Backshall was talking with whale expert Doris Welch when the unthinkable happened: a blue whale is sighted right near their location!

Being that the interview was happening live on the air at the time, the host was beside himself with joy at the sighting of such a rare creature.

Monterey Bay on the coast of California is one of the remaining regions where the massive blue whale is still known to exist.

With perhaps only 25,000 animals left in the wild, a sighting of one of these creatures is as rare as seeing a solar eclipse.

The blue whale is the largest known animal to ever live on earth and obviously can cause a stir in some of the lucky folks who get to see one up close.

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Blue Whale Interrupts BBC Interview, Host Has Kittens [VIDEO]