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“Blue Water Savages” May Change the Way You Look at Sharks

Outdoor Channel

“Blue Water Savages” challenges stereotypes and informs viewers about the reality of sharks and the role they play in our ocean’s ecosystems.

The show’s hosts, Robin D. Berg and Eli Martinez, attempt to break down and explain the often misunderstood behavior of sharks, focusing on a different species each episode.

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These guys know their stuff. Robin Berg is a former U.S. Navy deep sea diver as well as an accomplished underwater filmmaker. Eli Martinez is a shark expert that has appeared on National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, CNN, NBC, and Animal Planet.

Eli and Randy w Lemon Shark wos

“Blue Water Savages” will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge everything you thought you knew about these ocean predators. Stunning visuals of these majestic creatures paired with expert knowledge of each species, its habits, and behaviors will leave you entertained and informed at the end of each episode.

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“Blue Water Savages” airs on the Outdoor Channel Saturdays at 2:30 p.m eastern. Tune in and learn everything you ever wanted to know about sharks.

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“Blue Water Savages” May Change the Way You Look at Sharks