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Blue Shark Fun – Grab Hold for a Camera Close-Up

Matt Watson and his young son Shaw are out fishing for the day, and they have a bit of fun with a medium-sized blue shark. “I’ve got me a shark now!”

Matt Watson, of the ITM or Ultimate Fishing Show and his boy Shaw are out on the ocean this beautiful day. They’ve got a few rods in the water, but seem to be having more fun playing with a blue shark near the surface.

It’s a smallish shark, and they’re playing carrot and stick with him. They skip a bait across the surface of the sea, almost letting the shark grab it. Until it comes up right next to the boat when Matt grabs hold of its dorsal fin.

“See, I’ve got me a shark!” he says. “Still got me a shark…one handed.”

“What is it with sharks,” Matt asks the camera. Yup, what makes them so fascinating?

For his part, Shaw does some great camera work, leaning over the boat to get some fantastic close-ups of our blue, toothy friend. Then dad calls him over as the pull in a small toad shark, tangled in line. “Come right in here, mate. Yeah, show ’em those teeth,” he beckons.

“Goin’ home,” Matt says as he tosses the small shark back into the sea. “Yeah! Nice camera work, buddy!”

Just a gorgeous, sunny day on the boat and a little spot of fun with a blue shark.

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Blue Shark Fun – Grab Hold for a Camera Close-Up