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Check Out This Blowgun Squirrel Hunting in Alaska [VIDEO]


Hunting in Alaska brings to mind huge calibers and even bigger man-eating animals.

Does a homemade blowgun cut it when hunting game in this wild state?

Watch the video and see how it works on squirrels!

Most people outside Alaska think big game is the only thing to hunt there. Moose, giant bear, mountain sheep, and caribou are what you hunt up north, right?

Well, you are missing out on a lot of fun if you overlook the small game opportunities.

This hunter employs his homemade blowgun to great success against this squirrel. The .625 caliber blowgun, armed with homemade broadhead tipped darts, quickly and humanely dispatches the nimble pine squirrel.

Are you a fan of the blowgun now?

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Check Out This Blowgun Squirrel Hunting in Alaska [VIDEO]