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Blowgun Makes Clean Kill on Warthog and Guineafowl [VIDEO]

Modern hunters prove how deadly the ancient blowgun can be as they quickly kill tough warthog and guineafowl, without poison!

Tim Wells and Lynn Thompson are blind hunting over a waterhole, using an exotic weapon romanticized by old Hollywood jungle movies: the blowgun.

But instead of playing stereotypical pygmy warriors firing poisoned darts from short pieces of hollow reed, Wells and Thompson fire steel broadheads from a modern, large caliber, 5-foot takedown blowgun.

The speed with which the warthog succumbs to the dart is surprising. The animal only manages to run a few short yards before expiring. Of course shot placement is as important with the blowgun as it is with traditional archery equipment.

Wells makes sure to attach an appropriate conservation message to his hunt with primitive gear.

“I’m proud to be a hunter,” he says. “For hunters give back ten-fold what they have taken. The cycle of life in the wild kingdom, would collapse without the hunter.”

Wells, author of A Demon in the Dark, also sells blowguns, darts and hunting spears from his website.

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Blowgun Makes Clean Kill on Warthog and Guineafowl [VIDEO]