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Newest Craze? Blowgun Fishing for Gar [VIDEO]

blowgun fishing

Are you a blowgun fan? Are you a fishing fan? Then blowgun fishing might be your new favorite sport.

With a little elbow grease, a blowgun and a fishing reel become one.

Warning: Angler does use a few swear words. 

So, you like to fish, and you also really like to shoot a blowgun. This guy just combined the two and is reeling in the gar.

There is no waiting for a fish to find your hook with blowgun fishing. When you have a good shot, you have your fish and it is just a matter of reeling it in.

For us fishermen who lack patience, this form of fishing is a win-win in our book.

This may be the newest craze in the fishing world. Check game laws before attempting to blowgun fish in your area!

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Newest Craze? Blowgun Fishing for Gar [VIDEO]