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Blonde Bear with Head Stuck in Barrel Gets Help from Hunters

A blonde bear gets his head stuck in a bait barrel, and a group of bear hunters work together to release him. It takes some doing, but they finally succeed.

A small group of bear hunters are checking their bait barrels when they find a small blonde bear with its head stuck in one of the barrels. They come up with a plan to help the bear get free.

It takes a little while, and some jostling and maneuvering of the barrel and the bear, but finally they succeed. Martin [Chagnovich] reaches his hand into the barrel to try to get the bear to lift his head a bit.

Someone says, “Now what you need to remember…Don’t let him bite you.”

They try to get the bear to look up and pull back at the same time. The pulling back part is easy. The little blonde bear is pulling and pushing against the barrel. Getting him to lift his snout takes some doing though.

They unchain the barrel from the tree and use a stick to try to get him to lift his head up. Finally, he gets desperate and really starts pushing back against the barrel, and suddenly – POP! – out comes his head. He immediately runs off into the woods. Not even a “Thanks guys!” Haha!

“We just had to have his head tilted up a little bit, and then have him pull and us pull. But that was pretty cool,” says Martin. “He’ll be fine. We got water, and shade, and still some food we’re going to put out for him out of the barrel, so he can eat. He’ll be alright.”

“That was a cool experience, being able to touch a live bear,” he says. “He didn’t like it, but we touched him. So that was cool.”

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Blonde Bear with Head Stuck in Barrel Gets Help from Hunters