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Blink and You’ll Miss This Hairy Frogfish Strike

A hairy frogfish has one of the fastest strikes in the animal kingdom.

Quick, what’s the fastest animal in the world? Most say cheetah, but some argue the pronghorn is faster over distances longer than a half mile. Maybe a peregrine falcon in a dive?

But what about the quickest animal? Big predatory fish can hold claim to some split-second strikes that rival the best of the best. But what about the hairy frogfish?

Whoa. If that was any quicker, the frogfish probably would have missed altogether. And all this speed talk can’t distract from the fact that the flounder it ate had a bigger surface area than the frogfish itself.

That is nuts, as is most incidences of underwater predation. Fascinating to see, and lucky when caught on camera.



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Blink and You’ll Miss This Hairy Frogfish Strike