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Blind Veteran Takes Down Antelope, Thanks to TrackingPoint


TrackingPoint's precision aiming technology allows a veteran blinded in combat to hunt.

Many people serving in our armed forces come home different; many are are left with life-altering disabilities that prevent them from enjoying their civilian lives. This is especially true for veterans who have also been outdoorsmen, as they may never get to enjoy the field again.

Companies like TrackingPoint are looking to change that. Their rifles use guiding systems, much like those of fighter jets. The special optics allow the shooter to lock onto a specific point but will not allow the weapon to fire until it is reacquired on that point. This makes for pinpoint accuracy and allows for little error on the shooter's part.

Micheal Jernigan is a USMC veteran who was blinded by roadside bombs during his service. With the aid of a TrackingPoint rifle and a spotter, he can still enjoy the hunt.

Check him out as he takes down a nice blackbuck antelope with a 373-yard shot.

I was overwhelmed with joy for this man as I watched him make that shot. You could just see him light up as those nearby cheered when the antelope went down.

Before TrackingPoint rifles, just the mention of handing a blind man a gun would have sent people sprinting in the other direction. In today's world, it is something that is entirely possible, as you just saw. I just hope technology keeps moving in this direction. It opens so many doors for those with disabilities to get out there and enjoy our passion for hunting, and so much more. 

I look forward to the day when anyone who was born with or who has developed any sort of disability can stand side by side with us in the field.

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Blind Veteran Takes Down Antelope, Thanks to TrackingPoint