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This Blind Hunter’s Story Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Meet Carey McWilliams, a hunter and marksman who is completely blind.

McWilliams, 27, lost his eye sight at age 10 to a late-developing birth defect. Since then, he’s accomplished things that most people would find unthinkable for a blind person.

McWilliams joined the Civil Air Patrol and became a trained shooter, and in 2001 he made international headlines for becoming the first blind person to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

Although, he didn’t start hunting until later in his life after he suffered from a dog attack that left him with PTSD. McWilliams took up predator hunting as a way to deal with the mental trauma of the attack. He began by hunting alligators, sharks and bears. Now he hunts whitetail.

“With every predator I take, the more confident I feel.” He said.

You’re probably wondering how McWilliams can shoot, let alone hunt an animal. He senses objects by the nerves on his face. He says it’s similar to how bats and dolphins use echo location to track their prey.

McWilliams also has someone with him when he hunts, but the marksmanship and hunting skills are all his.

Last month, Vice magazine profiled Williams in this short documentary.

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At one time in his life, McWilliams considered himself an anti-gun person. But the experience of learning how to shoot and hunt changed his outlook.

“With every predator I take, the more confident I feel,” he said. “Basically, as a hunter, I feel like I’m a whole part of the ecosystem. I’m the predator. That’s where I belong.”

McWilliams also said that dealing with the anti-gun crowd as a blind person and legal gun owner can be incredibly frustrating.

“I find dealing with bears and alligators are way more sensible than some of these people that assume I so evil for having a gun, and that’s ridiculous.”

To learn more about blind hunter Carey McWilliams, check out his website.

What do you think about his story? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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This Blind Hunter’s Story Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]