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Blind Artist Creates Awesome Stump Lamps [PICS]

All photos via Duncan Meerding's Website

Blind artist creates stump art that lights up from the natural cracks in the wood with LEDs.

If you are looking for that special, yet subtle, piece to add to you cabin, home, or to even take with you camping, then check out these cool stump lights. Each one is unique and offers a cool way to light up an area.

Duncan Meerding is a furniture and lighting designer in Tasmania who creates these awesome pieces of art. All of his work is inspired by nature and most use some form of wood.

The coolest thing about him is that he creates all of these pieces by hand although he is legally blind. He only has five percent of his vision left, allowing him to still see various shades of light which he uses to create these log lamps.


Duncan uses salvaged wood only to create these pieces. He takes each log and cuts out the center. He grabs his hatchet and carefully splits them into sections before reassembling them back together around the center again.

LED lights are then wired up and placed inside the stump allowing light to emit back through each natural crack made from them being split apart.

Each one is weather-resistant and can run off any 12-volt power supply. They are currently trying to develop a rechargeable version.

These can be used as seats, small tables, lamps, or any other purpose you can think of. This is a very unique idea, but is very pricey as a show piece. They can be purchased from Duncan’s website for $640 a piece.

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All images via Duncan Meerding

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Blind Artist Creates Awesome Stump Lamps [PICS]