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Blind 10-Foot Alligator Pulled from Downtown Fort Worth River [VIDEO]


Texas Parks and Wildlife relocate a huge blind alligator from popular Trinity River.

On Thursday, July 9, 2015 game wardens from Texas Parks and Wildlife finally relocated a blind 10-foot long alligator from downtown Fort Worth’s Trinity River.

They have known about and been keeping an eye on the alligator for several months now. They had been waiting on the best time to find him a new place to call home before removing him.

That time finally came when they called reptile hunter, Chris “Gator” Stevens, to help capture him from the highly populated area.

“The problem is not the alligator, it’s the people,” Stevens told NBC Fort Worth. “Being in that high profile of a location, people are going to start feeding it. And anytime you have an alligator like this [blind], it’s just a matter of time before people poke it.”

Even with Steven’s help it took over half a dozen people to haul the alligator up the bank from the river and prepare him for transport to his new home.

It is well-known that alligators live in the Trinity River. But they usually stay closer to the northern part of the river near the Fort Worth Nature and Refuge Center. Very few have ever been seen this close to the downtown area.

Game wardens believe the recent flooding from heavy rains may have forced the alligator down to this new area.


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Blind 10-Foot Alligator Pulled from Downtown Fort Worth River [VIDEO]