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Blasting into Autumn with Tannerite and Pumpkins [VIDEO]

These pumpkins have an explosive day, thanks to some well-placed Tannerite. 

There are many ways to get rid of pumpkins, but perhaps the most effective is by using Tannerite.

Check out this footage featuring Tannerite, pumpkins, and plenty of slow-mo replays.

A world with Tannerite is simply a more exciting place. As you just saw, that also means it's an explosive one.

Did you see that replay footage? These types of videos usually have slow-mo replays but very rarely do you see it in reverse.

Next time you need to quickly and effectively get rid of some pumpkins, consider using Tannerite; remember to stay a safe distance back and use ear protection.

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Blasting into Autumn with Tannerite and Pumpkins [VIDEO]