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Have a Blast at the Range with the X Products Can Cannon [VIDEO]

X Products Can Cannon
Images via the X Products/Facebook

Attach the X Products Can Cannon to your AR-15 and get ready to have some fun.

It only takes one look at the X Products Can Cannon for any shooting enthusiast who is a kid at heart to immediately want one. The potential for fun and laughs is almost limitless with such a cool and innovative product.

Capable of firing full 12-oz cans of pop over 100 yards at 120 miles per hour, the X Products Can Cannon has got to be the coolest AR-15 add-on I've ever seen. Its even more cool than those exotic shotgun rounds you can buy.

According to the X Products Can Cannon website,

The Can Cannon is a patent pending launching device that uses a proprietary gas ported barrel and pressure tube to launch heavy, thin wall objects, without burning a hole in them or directing hot gas directly into them.

X Products Can Cannon

Less destructive than tannerite, yet arguably more cool, the Can Cannon uses mil-spec blanks to launch the cans and is not considered a destructive device or firearm by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). It is sold as an assembled upper receiver and is compatible with standard bolts and most piston bolts. It is also available in several colors including olive drab and black so you can match it to your specific rifle.

X Products Can Cannon

The cans you launch from the X Products Can Cannon make for great flying targets for skeet shooting. Even if you don't use them for target practice, you won't be able to get enough of launching cans into the sky.

X Products is also developing several accessories for the Can Cannon including a grappling hook, t-launcher, net launcher, and a launcher for dog training tools such as decoys.

As you would expect, the X Products Can Cannon is in hot demand. There is currently a 4-6 week backorder on the product, but that gives you plenty of time to stock up on soda before yours arrives. It retails for $399.00.

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Have a Blast at the Range with the X Products Can Cannon [VIDEO]