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Blast from Scottish Cannon Almost Annihilates Bird [VIDEO]

The daily firing of Scottish cannons atop Edinburgh Castle nearly took out a winged spectator.

At 1:00 p.m. sharp, the 105mm L118 light guns on top of Scotland's Edinburgh Castle fire to signal the time. It's a big tourist attraction, and there's usually several people around to film and photograph it.

There's also wildlife around, as there usually is, and one particular bird needed a closer look. It nearly cost him.

Historically, the guns were used to alert ships to the time of day, and they eventually became more symbolism than useful timekeeper.

The light gun doesn't shoot live ammunition, which is probably the main reason this gull got a blast of air, and not a blast of something a little more "effective."

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Blast from Scottish Cannon Almost Annihilates Bird [VIDEO]