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Lebanese Fishermen Catch Hundreds of Fish with Dynamite [VIDEO]

In the clip below, Lebanese fishermen poach hundreds of fish by dropping dynamite into the water.

Blast fishing is the most reckless fish poaching tactic in the world. It's the practice of dropping explosives in the water to bring schools of fish up to the surface en masse. It's illegal in most parts of the world, including Lebanon where this video was reportedly filmed.

The young Lebanese fishermen in the clip below are thoroughly entertained by the hundreds of fish they blast to the surface, but really, it's no laughing matter. Blast fishing causes irreparable damage damage to coral reefs, aquatic ecosystems and fish populations.

These yahoos weren't very careful about covering their tracks either. They posted the video to Facebook earlier this month, and soon after the footage was picked up by Lebanese news outlets, according to LiveLeak. Blast fishing is illegal in Lebanon, so these guys are probably in for some trouble.

Blastfishing is still prevalent in the Phillipines, Indonesia and Tanzania, where the poaching practice has decimated miles of pristine coral reefs.

It takes seven years for reefs to recover from a single blast, and continual blasting will completely destroy a reef.

But the practice isn't just hazardous to fish and coral reefs. It's also dangerous for the bozos who practice it.


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Lebanese Fishermen Catch Hundreds of Fish with Dynamite [VIDEO]