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Blackwater Baptism Will Be Your New Duck Hunting Anthem

Black water baptism
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We hear a lot of songs about deer hunting. Now, duck hunting finally gets its moment with "Blackwater Baptism," your new duck hunting anthem. 

Duck hunting doesn't usually get as much exposure in mainstream media as deer hunting does. Of course, the fact that Duck Dynasty has become so big and popular has definitely helped, but when most people think of hunting, they think deer, not duck. But finally, thanks to Dylan Scott and "Blackwater Baptism," hunters may finally have the duck hunting anthem they've always wanted.

"Black Water Baptism" has not actually been released on Scott's album or as a single by Scott, but it is available for download. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to grab your Mojo Pick Stick, download "Blackwater Baptism," and get pumped for duck hunting season.

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Blackwater Baptism Will Be Your New Duck Hunting Anthem