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Black Wolf Hunting Club Seeks to Introduce Outdoor Sports to More African-Americans

Less than 5 percent of our nation's hunters are African Americans. Thanks to one Platte City, Mo. man, however, that might soon change.

Eric Morris founded Black Wolf Hunting Club with the goal of bringing greater diversity to the hunting community. While growing up in Alabama, Morris taught himself to hunt, yet he understands that many African Americans don't have similar opportunities to be exposed to the outdoors.

"They weren't brought up with hunting, as they were with fishing," Morris recently told reporters. "Not feeling comfortable in rural settings, a lack of access, prejudice, the lack of role models," are reasons that Morris says he's heard as to why more African Americans don't hunt.


The Black Wolf Hunting Club hosts regular hunting and fishing events all over the country, like the one recently held at Harding Gamebird Preserve in Ridgeway, Mo. Sommari Muwwakkil, of Kansas City, said that he always had a desire to hunt, but never had the opportunity.

Thanks to Morris and the Black Wolf Hunting Club, however, he was able to hunt for the first time, along with his wife and four daughters.

Eshante, Muwwakkil's 16-year-old daughter, said, "At first, I didn't know how I would like this," she said. "I was scared of shooting at first."

After dropping several birds, however, Eshante realized just how much fun hunting could be. The family had so much fun, in fact, that they returned the following weekend.

This was the result that Morris loves to see. "Seeing these kids come out here and have a great time, that's special," he said.

If we could get more blacks to come out and at least give hunting a chance, I think we could change the way people see things.

For more information on the club, event dates, and locations or to donate, check out the Black Wolf Hunting Club here.

Images via Kansas City Star

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Black Wolf Hunting Club Seeks to Introduce Outdoor Sports to More African-Americans