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Black Squirrel Stops MLB Game and Causes Brief Havoc [VIDEO]

Bleacher Report

This squirrel was the star of the Kansas City/Detroit MLB game the other night. Watch it cause some delays.

At a recent MLB matchup between the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers, the entire stadium was brought to a standstill by a runaway squirrel.

While there’s no word on how or why the squirrel got down onto the field, it is clear that the small rodent had a big impact. Watch as the game is delayed by his antics.

No doubt the squirrel was as confused as the players on the field and for the record, attempting to run down a squirrel is not a good idea. Trying to field that furry ball of energy would test the skills of the greatest outfielders. Then what do you do if you catch it?

You have to love the announcers. “I think it is looking for a tree…”

Thankfully the situation resolved itself once the squirrel ducked away into the bullpen. Apparently ball fields are becoming quite popular with wildlife, evidenced by this gator’s choice of hangout.

If you’re curious about the final of the baseball game that also happened, Detroit took Kansas City 8-6.

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Black Squirrel Stops MLB Game and Causes Brief Havoc [VIDEO]