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Black Powder Pistol Comes Apart In a Shooter's Hand [VIDEO]

This black powder revolver goes out with a bang.

The revolver's cylinder explodes and the shooter is lucky to be unscathed.

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Shooting black powder revolvers is meant to be fun and take us back to another century long past. This did not happen in this shooting video. After the shot when the pistol would not re-cock, they knew something was wrong.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.


When the revolver is brought close to the camera we see the awful gut wrenching truth. The cylinder actually split apart and may have sent shrapnel flying. Luckily for the shooter and the bystanders, no one appears injured.

Whatever happened, it's a great reminder to be prepared. Always use eye and ear protection and if something does not seem right, stop shooting immediately.

And no matter how much you might want a beer after that, make sure you don't pick up another gun until sobering up.

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Black Powder Pistol Comes Apart In a Shooter's Hand [VIDEO]