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The Black Mamba: Deadly But Possibly Life-Saving [VIDEO]

Snakes are incredible unique creatures, and now humans are trying to harness the benefits of black mamba venom.

Black mambas (Dendroaspis polylepis) are actually one of four species of mamba, all of which are endemic to the African continent--the eastern green, western green, and Jameson's mamba represent the other three members of the genus Dendroaspis. But the black mamba is the one we all associated with imminent, impeding death. Rightfully so? Maybe not.

In the video, you can see, first-hand, how a trained professional captures a specimen for anti-venom production and related research. In fact, we're now looking toward snake venom--which is, in essence, a complex of proteins and enzymes--for cures and ailments in the fight against caner, heart disease, and even cancer.

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The "shadow of death" may, in fact, be a beacon of longevity--and has every right not to be beheaded for their venom. Robbing a species of its right to exist might end up stripping our own species of a medicinal cure.


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The Black Mamba: Deadly But Possibly Life-Saving [VIDEO]