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Black Bears in Indiana Confirmed After 144-Year Absence

There are finally black bears in Indiana once again. 

Despite the hundreds of reports, sightings, and sketchy evidence collected by Hoosiers, such as mud tracks, fur, and questionable game trail pictures, the Indiana DNR has finally confirmed there are black bears in Indiana once again. This feels like it has been a long time coming.

Budd Veverka, a Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist, examined droppings after more bear reports started pouring in from St. Joseph county. After inspection, it was confirmed that the droppings were in fact identified as bear scat.

To everyone at the DNR's guess, this bear probably wandered into Indiana from Michigan, which has a thriving bear population. Black bears have also recently recolonized in different parts of Kentucky as well as eastern Ohio.

I think we we're all expecting bears to eventually show back up in Indiana again one day. At least now maybe some of these other reports might start gaining more credibility.

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Black Bears in Indiana Confirmed After 144-Year Absence