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Black Bear’s Forced Entry Stopped Short by Cat Door

All photos via 9 News

Idaho man Doug Harder is accustomed to seeing black bears on his property, but was surprised to see a bear’s head poking through the cat door one night.

Mr. Harder is no stranger to house invasion by bears. Only a few days earlier, he discovered that a bear cub had made it inside the house while he was out.

The cub had eaten all of his food and left a smelly present on his carpet.

A few days later, someone came back. Harder says that he came into the kitchen only to see a bear’s head sniffing through the cat door. He was startled but not scared, knowing that the bear couldn’t fit.

“I see the bear just keep trying to get to the door, just bobbing it’s head in and out,” Harder told ABC News.

bear2 sized

A resident female bear and her cubs had also visited his balcony in May, raiding the bird seed in his bird feeder.

Harder believes that the bear he photographed on his balcony had tried to gain entry to the house on the previous two nights, without success.

This family of bears seems very keen on the contents of Harder’s kitchen. He says they have a taste for flour, brownie mix, Toblerone and Pepsi which have specifically been taken from his cupboards.

bear3 sized

Black bears are renowned for their sense of smell, which is thought to be at least seven times greater than a dog. They also have excellent memories, especially when it comes to food sources, which is probably why Harder has witnessed repeated attempts by bears to access his house.


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Black Bear’s Forced Entry Stopped Short by Cat Door