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Black Bear Tries to Fit in Kiddie Pool to Cool Off

black bear

Minnesota man was shocked to find a black bear lying in a kiddie pool on his deck. 

The weather across the country has been abnormally warm. While we do our best to avoid the heat so do animals when they get the chance. A black bear in Duluth did just that by trying to capitalize on a chance to dip in a pool.

The only problem was it was a kiddie pool. The large black bear haphazardly laid down in it trying his best to keep his bulk in the water.

Dave Zbaracki, the pool owner, was a little shocked to find the bear lying just outside of his back door. He originally thought it was his 125-pound black Newfoundland dog.

“I kind of did a double take,” Zbaracki told ABC News. That was when he realized his dog was standing inside whining at the door.

He posted to Facebook it looked like the bear was just trying to cool off, so he left it alone. That is after snapping the funny and memorable moment with his camera through the kitchen window.

black bear

His family left to run some errands to leave the bear be, but warned crews working on the power lines near his home that the black bear was back there.

All in all the bear wandered back off after getting in a little pool time relaxation with no harm done before they returned.

“Duluth is very much on the shores of Lake Superior, and there’s a whole bunch of green space,” explained Zbaracki. “It’s kind of like an urban wilderness, so people here are pretty used to encounters with wildlife. We see deer and other animals, and through bears aren’t quite as common, we know they are around.”

All photos via Dave Zbaracki’s Facebook.


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Black Bear Tries to Fit in Kiddie Pool to Cool Off