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Bold Black Bear Stalks Canadian Joggers [VIDEO]

A black bear stalks two Canadian joggers in this heart-pumping video.

While jogging in Matcheetawin Trails near Fort McMurry in Alberta, two men noticed that a black bear was stalking them.

They walked backwards for nearly five minutes trying to talk it down, but the bold bear kept following them.

Watch the tense encounter unfold in the video below.

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Most black bear experts recommend standing your ground, and, if you’re with others, banding together to appear larger than the bear. If the bear refuses to retreat, throw a rock at its head.

Black bears generally aren’t aggressive towards humans, though the bear in the video above seemed like he was on the prowl.

I had a similar encounter several years ago while backpacking with friends in northern California. A black bear followed us into our camp and refused to leave. We shouted at it and threw a couple rocks at its head. Perhaps, that wasn’t the smartest course of action, but it was enough to scare it away.

What would you do if you were in the jogger’s situation? 

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Bold Black Bear Stalks Canadian Joggers [VIDEO]