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Is This Black Bear Sliding Down a Snow Slope for Fun? [VIDEO]

Who ever said that black bears don't enjoy skiing?

Check out this bear going for a quick slide in the snow at a ski resort.

Whether it was a way to cool off or just a fun way to pass some time, the black bear in this video took advantage of some leftover snow on a slope while several people looked on from the ski lift above.

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In this video from CANADA Explore, the bear took a trotting start before leaping onto his stomach on the snow and sliding down the slope. He even flips onto his side before finishing his trip through the snow patch.

A child watching the event from the ski lift shouts out in happiness and joy as he can seemingly sense the fun the black bear is having. It is videos like this that help to remind us of the simple beauty that nature provides us.

Have you ever seen an animal doing something that appeared to be just for fun? If you have, share your experiences in the comments section below.

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Is This Black Bear Sliding Down a Snow Slope for Fun? [VIDEO]