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Ambitious Black Bear Runs Around Los Angeles Wanting to Be a Star

A black bear ran the streets of Los Angeles on Monday night until Fish and Game cornered and shot the bear with a tranquilizer gun.

The bear ran wild around a college campus, an elementary school, houses, basketball courts, and sidewalks. The animal was reported to be two years old, and weighed around 125 pounds. California Fish and Game gave the bear a checkup after tranquilizing it and deemed the animal in good health before taking it back into the forest.

My favorite part of the video is when the bear scales a chain-link fence with little effort, showing the strength and agility of these wonderful animals. A Fish and Game officer scrambles to the side as the bear gets a little too close for comfort.

One of the residents in the neighborhood saw the bear through the back window and then watched police in the area and realized what was going on. He called his neighborhoods and told them to put their dogs up.

I'm not sure how this bear got into town but I'm glad no one was hurt and that it was safely transplanted back into the forest. Even though the animal weighs less than most people, you can see how intimidating these bears can be, no matter the size.


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Ambitious Black Bear Runs Around Los Angeles Wanting to Be a Star