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The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia App Review [PICS]

Everything you need to know about black bear hunting right on your smartphone!

Justin Ott, the author of The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia, released a smartphone app just in time for the spring hunting season.

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Everything you need to know about bear hunting, from baiting to field care, is in this app. Ott's hunting DVD includes information on scouting, baiting, meat selection, and trophy measuring. The app includes these topics and more.

You can watch the entire instructional video or select a topic to watch through the app menu. The step-by-step guides on topics like "skinning and cleaning your bear skull to make a European mount" are easy to follow. The app will help you save money by showing you how to butcher your kill and prep your trophy.

The app also includes an entertainment section where you can watch Ott and his friends hunt.

Ott walks you through the process of cleaning your bear skull, including the materials you will need. This guide works for a European mount of any animal. However, due to their greasy nature, processing a bear skull requires extra steps.

These apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

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The Black Bear Hunting Encyclopedia App Review [PICS]