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Black Bear Gets a Back Rub, Steals a Donut and Avoids a Trap [VIDEO]

This black bear is more clever than your average bruin.

You’ll see the proof in the trail camera footage below, which was recently taken in Pennsylvania’s Tuscarora State Park.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officers were hoping to lure the bruin inside a mobile trap with a donut, but the bear was just a touch more clever than they were.

Unphased by the trap, the black bear gives itself a hearty back rub on a nearby tree. After it satisfies the itch, the bear makes a play steal the donut. It’s a lot easier than you might think. 

It might have been a good idea to put the donut in the back of the trap instead of the opening where a bear or anything with a mouth could easily grab it. Just a thought.

We’ve been covering a lot of black bear hijinks lately. Earlier this week, we posted this video of a curious black bear climbing a tree stand to chew on a hunter’s rifle. The hunter was patient with the young bear, which appeared to be more curious than aggressive.

And yesterday, we shared an update on a story about a Florida black bear that was captured a couple weeks ago in a tree in front of a home in Panama City, Florida. The bear was relocated to a wildlife refuge 90 miles away from Panama City, but it just recently wandered back into town.

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Black Bear Gets a Back Rub, Steals a Donut and Avoids a Trap [VIDEO]