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Black Bear Eats Pet Dog In Montana’s Glacier National Park

Authorities in Montana’s Glacier National Park are reporting that they just located and euthanized a black bear that killed and ate a pet dog in the park.

Park Rangers have just announced that they have found and euthanized a black bear in Glacier National Park that recently killed and ate a pet dog. The bear approached the house several times, but brazenly approached the house a third time and snatched the dog, ignoring the owner, who was trying to scare the bear away.

The pet dog was a Shih Tzu and belonged to a family that resides inside the park near Lake McDonald. After being notified of the attack, National Park Rangers set up a bear trap and were able to capture it after just a few days.

They positively identified the bear, a 5-year-old boar weighing around 200 pounds, through photographs taken by the dog’s owner as well of analysis of the bear’s scat.

Based on the behavior of the bear and the little fear that it displayed towards humans, authorities determined that the bear was well conditioned to people. As a result, they euthanized the bear after capturing it in accordance with Glacier National Park’s Bear Management Plan.

People living or recreating in bear country are reminded to properly store all food where it cannot be accessed by bears or other wild animals. This will reduce the temptations for bears to visit human campgrounds and housing areas, hopefully minimizing future negative interactions between bears and humans.

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Black Bear Eats Pet Dog In Montana’s Glacier National Park