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Black Bear Cub Walks Down Aisle Three at Rite Aid [VIDEO]

Bear cub surprises shoppers when he got inside a Rite Aid store in Ashland, Oregon and wandered the aisles.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was called upon to take over a strange occurrence – a young black bear was spotted at a nearby hotel and proceeded to the local Rite Aid store across the street in Ashland, Oregon.

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Many customers were able to capture rare footage of the black bear cub via their smartphones. Pictures and videos were being snapped all over the store for a short while. When the police arrived and located the bear, they put it into a shopping basket until the ODFW took over.

They are still undetermined on whether to escort the bear to a rehabilitation center or zoo, but they’re certain that the young bear would not survive back in the woods. When bears have contact with humans, especially the young, they will often times be rejected back in the wild.

Let’s hope that this cute little black bear continues to grow and is accepted back where it belongs.

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Black Bear Cub Walks Down Aisle Three at Rite Aid [VIDEO]