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Black Bear Cub in Traffic is Saved by… Who Else? [VIDEO]

Watch as this mother bear saves her cub from oncoming cars.

From the Daily Mail comes this story out of Kootenay National Park, in southeastern British Columbia. 

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Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes captured this footage while driving on the highway. He grabbed his camera and filmed the rescue mission, showing motherly instinct at its best.

The cub is seen backing away from traffic just before its mother grabs it in her mouth and lifts it to safety over a traffic barrier.

Watch for an appearance from another cub, as a sibling peeks over the barrier in concern. Eat your heart out, cat videos. Bear cub videos are much better.

This is the season for seeing bear cubs, as the latest mid-winter brood is now old enough to emerge from the den and search for food with the mother.

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Black bear cubs remain with their highly protective mothers for around two years. The species range consists of much of Canada, and stretches into portions of the United States.

Have you spotted any bear cubs yet this season?


Featured image via YouTube/ccv

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Black Bear Cub in Traffic is Saved by… Who Else? [VIDEO]