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Black Aces Tactical Bucks NFA Rules with Awesome Design

black aces tactical

The Black Aces Tactical Pro Series DT is a freak of nature by design.

The BATF made the rules and Black Aces Tactical played the game well. Black Aces Tactical invented the Pro Series DT, that has shotgun-like features but is definitely not a shotgun.

While it appears as a short barreled shotgun the features are far from that according to the ATF. In a sense, Black Aces Tactical beat the ATF by making a firearm that featured items that do not meet the short rifle or shotgun criterion and does not feature a shoulder stock. The DT is also not a pistol.

The gun also features a forward assist for the charging handle. Shotguns normally feed from a tube, and some like the Saiga can be fed from a box magazine. In this case the Black Aces gun does feed from an eight or five round box magazine. The low box count keeps the magazines well below what would be considered an assault weapon. Well played, Black Aces.

The DT has a top side rail that offers plenty of space for any optics and front sights that you can choose from. The side rails near the muzzle also help add lights and possibly lasers to assist with aiming since you couldn’t possibly shoulder this weapon.

The attached forearm brace is the very controversial Sig Brace that allows the person to either hip fire the weapon or also strap the stock to their forearm for more favorable one handed shots.

Great innovation on this pistol. Cant wait to see what else comes out from the engineers from Black Aces Tactical.



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Black Aces Tactical Bucks NFA Rules with Awesome Design