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Bizarre Deer Death: Deer Killed by Downed Power Line


These deer were electrocuted by a fallen power line. 

A post has been circulating Facebook, highlighting a strange and unfortunate death for a few deer.

See the rare occurrence below:


The pictures surfaced on a lineman Facebook page with this description,

We come across some of the damnedest things on our job.
The line was still hot when we got there.
After we made our repairs and went on to the next job it struck me.
This downed line was only 80 or so feet from a hunters blind.
Had that hunter been on his way out to hunt on that morning, it would have been in the dark.
He would have never known what hit him and would be lying next to those deer.
Downed lines are very hard to see, even for us at times.
Just a little note to my fellow hunters.
Keep your head on a swivel.”


Remember to always keep an eye out while heading to the stand, especially when hunting near power lines.

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Bizarre Deer Death: Deer Killed by Downed Power Line