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Bizarre Bigfoot Hunting Story Ends with Man Shot [VIDEO]

A Bigfoot hunt gets hairy when friends attempt to cover up a crime scene.

In Atoosa, Oklahoma, Bigfoot hunters out for a serious night of Sasquatch searching ended up in the hospital and jail instead of the record books.

As they searched for the legendary beast, one man thought he heard barking and shot his friend in the back with a 9mm. In a wild turn of events, the other friends ditched the gun in a local lake and attempted to cover up the crime scene.

The good news? James Perry, Omar Pineda, and his wife, Lacey Pineda, have plenty of time to ponder Bigfoot’s whereabouts from their jail cells.

No worries, though; police interviewed all involved and it was determined that there have been no Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti sightings. YET.

Moral of the story? Make sure you have the proper licensing before hunting this big guy!

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Bizarre Bigfoot Hunting Story Ends with Man Shot [VIDEO]