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Bizarre “Alien” Fish Caught in Mexico Identified as Albino Shark

albino shark

Strange catch identified as albino swell shark.

They mystery of a strange-looking fish caught off the coast of Mexico last week has been solved. It’s a rare albino swell shark.

The albino shark was caught in 370 feet of water using skipjack as bait off Cabo, Mexico last week by a client of Jamie Rendon, a captain local to the area. The strange catch quickly went viral when Pisces Sportfishing Fleet posted photos of the strange catch to Facebook.


Even though they weren’t quite sure what exactly it was they had caught, the angler and captain decided to return the bizarre catch back to the ocean in case it was endangered. “I was really surprised but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange,” Rendon told Pisces Sportfishing Fleet.

In addition to the strange skin pigmentation, the shark had only three gill slits on its sides instead of the more common 5-7.  But local experts still confirmed the albino shark was indeed a swell shark.

Another lingering question on people’s minds was why the pink shark’s middle was so bulbous. As it turns out, it’s a defense mechanism. The Daily Mail reports swell sharks often engorge themselves in this manner with air or water as a way to keep larger predators from swallowing them. It certainly helped add to the shark’s alien-like appearance!

Still, the shark’s strange pigmentation is the most eye-catching thing about the catch. Swell sharks are normally brownish in color and have many dark splotches.

This is the third albino shark to make headlines since last October when a family caught an albino nurse shark in Florida. Near the end of January, an even rarer albino great white shark pup washed ashore in Australia.



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Bizarre “Alien” Fish Caught in Mexico Identified as Albino Shark