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Bison Wants These Tourists to Get the Hell Out of Yellowstone [VIDEO]

There’s a good reason bison are featured on a recent car insurance commercial.

These one-ton mammals can easily cause major damage to your automobile.


In this amateur footage, an irate bison charges and collides with the front of an SUV at Yellowstone National Park. It’s filmed from the point of view of the front seat passenger, who gets more and more nervous as the bison approaches from about 200 yards out.

The bison’s impact crumpled the hood of the SUV and punctured the front grill, causing over $2,700 in damage. The bison was completely fine.

The videographer, Tom Carter, said the bison were driven towards their car by tourists in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. Park Rangers commonly warn people never to harass or approach wild animals. Yellowstone Resorts Park Lodges has highlighted this video as a warning for visitors to give wildlife room to roam.

Despite the warnings by park staff, it’s not uncommon for one of Yellowstone’s resident bison to gore or trample visitors.

Carter said the video will help cover the damages to the car. Hopefully, the insurance policy covers animal hit-and-runs, since it appears this bison didn’t stick around to give out his insurance information.

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Bison Wants These Tourists to Get the Hell Out of Yellowstone [VIDEO]