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Bison Roams Free in Aiken County, South Carolina [VIDEO]

A casual Sunday drive after church is typically uneventful. But last Sunday, one South Carolina couple encountered something usual.

While driving home from church, Michael and Ashley Young of Aiken, South Carolina came across an American bison running alongside Anderson Pond Rd.

They took to Facebook to share the video footage recorded on her cell phone.

Today, American bison are usually only sighted on preserves and ranches where they are raised for their meat. Seeing one roaming free is an anomaly in South Carolina.

Michael recalls his "awesome" encounter and said the animal was following vehicles. It went in and out of the woods as vehicles slowed to stay out of its way.

After the "Aiken Standard" newspaper contacted local officials, Paige Bayne, director of Aiken County Code Enforcement, said the county was aware of the animal.

"Apparently, this bison is a free-roaming bison that has been there for about a year," Bayne said. "People around the area are apparently familiar with it, but maybe just don't see it walking beside the road all that often."

She continued to say that the bison doesn't pose any problems that she is aware of, but that as with any wild animal people should be cautious.

As for the folks in Aiken, they can add this bison to their list of things you don't see every day.

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Bison Roams Free in Aiken County, South Carolina [VIDEO]