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Bison Calf Takes on Hungry Wolf All Alone, But Will It Survive?


Can this bison calf survive its first encounter with a hungry wolf?

Imagine this hypothetical situation. There’s a baby bison in Yellowstone National Park that finds himself separated from his mother for the night. Suddenly he’s spotted and cornered on an river island by a hungry wolf. The baby bison has no chance of surviving right?

Not necessarily, watch the amazing video from National Geographic to see how one calf amazingly defied all the odds!

Yellowstone is a place where the brutal realities of nature often play out in full view of visitors to see. And one of those realities is a newborn baby animal separated from its mother usually meets an untimely death.

This calf stared death right in the face several times. For him to come out alive is nothing short of amazing.

There may be a little bit of luck involved in his mother arriving on time, but he had to hold his own long enough for reinforcements to arrive. It’s just as amazing the mother was able to re-locate her baby after losing him for a full night.

Did you see that little calf lower his head at that wolf? I don’t think there’s any question this is the luckiest and probably toughest baby bison in all of Yellowstone right now!


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Bison Calf Takes on Hungry Wolf All Alone, But Will It Survive?