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This Bird Sounds Exactly Like a Laser Gun [VIDEO]

The ‘Star Wars’ obsession rekindled by the latest teaser trailer has apparently spread to other species.

Birds are incredibly diverse and evolved creatures, with plenty of talents and skills that often go unnoticed. That is, until biologists get a camera near them and we learn amazing things.

In this YouTube video, a talented lyrebird emits laser gun sounds that seem more appropriate for a science-fiction film than nature.

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The Australian lyrebird is a master impressionist able to replicate just about every sound it hears. The species has been known to imitate other birds, construction noises and camera shutters, to name a few. The bird in this video even mimics another Australian bird, the kookaburra. But it remains a mystery as to just how it acquired the sound of a laser gun while going about its day.

The best part of the video is when the bird turns to the camera, almost as if it believes it’s an actual space-age weapon and can chase off the photographer with a well-placed photon beam. Should this bird ever learn to mimic some modern-day firearms, it should have no trouble keeping intruders out of its territory.

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This Bird Sounds Exactly Like a Laser Gun [VIDEO]