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Bird Causes Seattle Power Outage After Dropping Salmon on Power Lines

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Bird with a salmon creates impromptu fish fry in Seattle. 

There was something fishy about a power outage on Seattle's south side last Sunday. For two hours, 172 people were without power. And it was all because a bird dropped a live fish onto a power line the Seattle Times reports.

"I've been at City Light 15 or 16 years," Seattle City Light spokeswoman Connie McDougall told the Seattle Times. "We've had a couple encounters with raccoons, and certainly birds. I've never heard of a fish before."

The bizarre incident occurred in the 1000 block of the city's South Elmgrove Street. The mystery was solved mostly because a witness actually saw it happen! Sure enough, when Seattle City Light employees arrived on the scene, they found an "electrocuted fish" on the ground beneath the lines.

The fish was identified as being a salmon and it is believed an eagle or osprey likely snatched it out of the nearby Duwamish River. Crews were able to get the power back and running after a couple hours.

Birds causing power outages are nothing new in Seattle according to the Seattle Times. They report 162 birds caused outages in 2015. Among them were two bald eagles that were killed.

But a bird using a fish to create a power outage was definitely a new one for the city.

The good news is everyone came away from the incident unscathed. Well, except for the fish that is. Seattle City Light had some fun with the incident on their Twitter account online.

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Bird Causes Seattle Power Outage After Dropping Salmon on Power Lines