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Will Jotto Gear’s New Biometric Handgun Holster Work in a Classroom? [VIDEO]

Would a quick-release biometric handgun holster make the classroom safer, or is there a better solution?

Whether it’s middle school, high school, or the college classroom, recent events in the last decade have told us that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The question still remains: would it be safer in our classrooms with a system like this, or is this biometric handgun holster bound to fail?

One of the resounding questions is in the debate on training teachers is, can a full time teacher have the wherewithal to be well-trained on live fire with a handgun? Well, here’s this fact for you: Wikipedia currently lists some 26 countries as having mandatory military service.

I’m thinking that somewhere in each of those countries are teachers, instructors, and professors of some kind that have learned through their automatic service to their country, the safe, responsible, and technical use of firearms. This kind of understanding of firearm training isn’t just about guns, however.

Firearm training, in general, encompasses many of life’s great lessons, from patience to responsibility to judgment. These are morals that one is entirely aware of when they are carrying, either concealed or using this biometric handgun holster.

The bad guys keep coming and something has to be done to counter them. We can’t arm anyone until we know that they are trained to handle weapons and circumstances.

The time to adapt has come and there’s no denying it. Would a biometrically, fingerprint-released handgun be the answer?

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Will Jotto Gear’s New Biometric Handgun Holster Work in a Classroom? [VIDEO]