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Biologists in Taiwan Discover Mass of Rubbish in Stomach of Dead Sperm Whale [PICS]

Marine biologists in Taiwan found enough plastic, netting, and other garbage in a dead sperm whale to fill a backhoe bucket.

The danger of plastic and other floating debris in the world’s oceans is never more evident than when it shows up inside the bodies of dead marine life.

When marine biologists from National Cheng-Kung University discovered a mature and nearly 50-foot long sperm whale off the southern town of Tongshi, their worst fears were realized.

Biologists, including the head of the Whale Research Center at National Cheng-Kung University Professor Wang Chien-ping, agreed that the rubbish was certainly a major factor in the whale’s death.

Researchers have also warned that almost every seabird in the world will ingest some type of plastic by the year 2050.

Audubon Society
Audubon Society

The Society for Wilderness spokeswoman He Chih-ying said “We frequently heard of marine animals killed after swallowing lots of garbage, but this one was the biggest in size for many years”

The mature sperm whale was originally spotted on October 15, 2015.

After helping the stranded whale to freedom, it was found dead three days later about twelve miles away from the first sighting.

All parties in question have resolved to highlight this case as the growing threat by ocean trash continues to mount.

We hope this reminds you and your buddies to be cautious out on the water, and to not be afraid to yell at any litterers you see.

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Biologists in Taiwan Discover Mass of Rubbish in Stomach of Dead Sperm Whale [PICS]