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How To Do the Bimini Twist [VIDEO]

The Bimini Twist is ideal for a variety of angling needs.

To folks outside of the angling world, the Bimini Twist might sound like a dance move.

In reality, the Bimini Twist is used to join main reel line with a a leader connection, and gets its name from Bimini Island. There, the tuna fishing era was established, requiring the strongest and most innovative techniques, gear and of course, knots, to catch the monsters of the deep.

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Instead of reducing line strength like other common knots, the Bimini Twist will help line retain 100% of its original strength.

AnimatedKnots, the go-to source for just about any knot, published a very easy-to-follow tutorial that will help the most novice angler familiarize themselves with this valuable and effective knot.

Check out the video:

There are several variations of the Bimini that have developed over the years, but this basic guide shares the primary principles needed.

With some practice and time, you’ll be doing the Bimini Twist with your eyes closed.

Featured image via YouTube/AnimatedKnots

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How To Do the Bimini Twist [VIDEO]