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Bill Winke Closes the Book on Buck Named Lefty

Bill Winke

After three years of history and close encounters, everything fell into place and Bill Winke concluded his journey on an old Iowa giant named Lefty.

Trail cameras have changed the whitetail hunting game, allowing to inventory which deer are around us and pattern their movements. They open up a part of the heart that makes us feel like we know the deer.

That brings a new dynamic to our hunting journeys, and went you capitalize on the moment you’ve worked for on a deer with so much history between the two of you, it is extra special.

In this case, a very unlikely October evening hunt took place. Warm temperatures of 70-plus degrees would keep many hunters at home, but Winke liked the conditions.

Without seeing a deer in the food plot yet, Winke saw Lefty step out at last light. He drew his bow.

Iowa Giant | Winke’s Quest for “Lefty”

Earlier in the hunt, Bill had ranged the tree line at 38 yards. (A great tip, by the way for any bowhunter). Range your surroundings, so when the moment spurs up on you, you already know what pin to use.

With Lefty walking the field edge, Winke knew to place the 30-yard pin in his vitals. Relaxed, Bill squeezed the shot off and made a great shot.

Lefty sped down the tree line and out of camera sight, but Bill assured his camera man he had seen the buck start to fall, ending the three-year chess match with a true Iowa giant.

Long live the beast; the beast is dead.

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Bill Winke Closes the Book on Buck Named Lefty